February 15, 2016



TSP Corporation is an Indonesian family company, founded in early 2016 basing on an international trading and short term education business operated by Mr. Hendra Hartono family had begun its trading activities by the 2015, initially operated as an export of fast moving consumer goods and commodities.

TSP Corporation has expanded its business lines not only in export fast moving consumer goods businesses and now has four core businesses : export import, finance and investment, retail academy, seminar and workshop.

To strenghten its position in the market, TSP Corporation introduce its own brand for each business unit divisions,

  1. Finance And Investment, using TSP Finance and Investment
  2. Export Import, using TSP International Trade
  3. Retail Academy, using the Indonesian Retail Academy
  4. Seminar and Workshop, using Rainmaker House of Excellence.

In financial services, TSP business provide consulting and mediation between investor with business both private equity and foreign direct investment as well.

TSP International Trade focusing on domestic results Indonesia including tea, coffee, peanuts, biscuits, commodities, fruits, fishs and non-food products including pharmaceutical materials, gas stoves and other  personal care products etc.

Indonesia Retail Academy (IRA) is designed to deliver a International training & workshop support service via the Indonesia Retail Academy. It focuses on supporting the long term sustainability of retail businesses in the Indonesia and other countries.

And Rainmaker, House of Excellence focus on helping business owners and professionals with seminars and workshops in order to achieve growth and success for their own benefit and that of the region. Rainmaker, House of Excellence provides several topics which important on improving quality and knowledge