January 29, 2016


TSPFINANCE1TSP Investments established in 2015, which is a comprehensive enterprise financial solutions including channel access to finance, restructuring consulting, and direct investment, tailored to the needs of clients.

TSP Investment believe that every investor is unique. No two are the same with respect to their financial goals, time horizons, risk profiles, investing interests and personal values. Therefore our tools allow you to easily customize your portfolios by adding or deleting stocks or changing their weightings. Although we offer many professionally built portfolios, if you’re not interested in ours, you can easily build your own from scratch.

No matter if you’re an experienced investor looking for a simple, cost-effective platform to build portfolios or a newbie looking for an investment that reflects your interests and passions, TSP Investment provides you with a platform and tools to achieve your unique investing goals.
TSP Investment
focus on the following area :

  • Infrastructure
  • Property
  • Renewable Energy
  • etc.